Kenra Professional Hair Spray Styling Products Review–Part Seven

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Kenra Professional Hair Spray Styling Products

Keeping that perfect hairstyle in tact can take some doing.  The hold you need can vary daily depending on how you feel like wearing your hair.  Nonetheless, you need a range of hair sprays to keep your hair just the way you want.  Today, I would like to share my experiences with three varieties of Kenra Professional hair spray formulations for light to medium hold.

First, I tried the Design Spray 9.  This gives a wonderful gentle hold that allows you to restyle your hair again without fear of needing to keep adding more spray.  I brushed and combed my hair through the day when necessary and found I could relax without worrying that I was now looking like a goon.  

The Platinum Sheer Holding Spray is also an ultra lightweight hold hair spray that you will want to remember.  This gives a gentle hold, dries quickly, and best of all doesn’t let you down when rain is in the forecast.  I loved how this spray worked when you only need a minimum of holding power.

Last of all, I tried Perfect Medium Spray 13.  This is an excellent, slightly stronger flexible hold type of hair spray.  You will find this dries quickly and doesn’t make the hair feel overly hard.  You’ll really like how this spray leaves you hair with an extra shine as well as a trustworthy hold that you can still put your brush through later without problems of needing more.  No wonder this spray won an award as best hair spray by Launchpad in 2006.

These three hair sprays are now staples on my vanity along with some fabulous Kenra firm hair sprays that I discussed in an earlier review.  Do look for this line because Kenra Professional knows how important preserving that hair style is to us, women.


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