Kenra Professional Shampoos and Conditioners Review–Part Three

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Kenra Professional shampoos and conditioners

Every so often I make it a habit to shampoo all the dulling residue left behind from styling products and use a good clarifying shampoo.  This is especially  important to me before I intend on re-coloring my hair.  Therefore, I requested Kenra Professional’s Clarifying Shampoo as a part of this review since it was that time again for hair beautification.

In the past, I found this variety of shampoo cleansed so thoroughly removing deposits, including fading hair color to give your new hair color the best results.   However, I had discovered Kenra’s Clarifying Shampoo was far from typical.  Of course, I should have guessed the hair care experts at Kenra Professional would be ahead of the norm.  After all, I have tested quite a number of their outstanding products, but this shampoo far exceeded my expectation of what is now possible. 

Unlike the other clarifying shampoos that I have used, Kenra’s product rid hair of all clogging styling products while being color-safe, which means that I could use this more often when starting to notice ugly, lifeless hair on my head.  The moment my hair starts to look drab, I can take out this fresh citrus-smelling shampoo without worrying of stripping my hair color!

Extracts of grapefruit, witch hazel, and amino and chelators, (powerful agents for battling that built-up product gunk and deposits from the hardest water), from this formula left my shabby hair shimmering again and even despite the fact my roots were starting to show.   The feel of my hair was softer and  appeared to have more movement when I played with it.

For highlighted, bleached, or all gray hair, this clarifying shampoo is designed to brighten.  Although I don’t have that many gray, I can vouch about the gray escapees glistening now on my own head with added gusto.  Therefore, I can imagine how beaming a head of silver would be.

Daily Provision is a spray leave-in conditioner that I sampled next.  I am prone to knots every time I wash it due to my thick hair.  A conditioner is always critical or I will suffer or break combs.  You can use this on slightly damp hair after washing or on dry hair.  My preference was immediately after washing.  I loved after how a few squirts of this and my wide-tooth comb seemed to glide through.  

This leave-in conditioner is great for thermal protection, helps with humidity and saving your hair from total ruination if you are prone to frizz.  As you know, I have some curls and waves that can act up and do terrible things according to the weather.  No more rushing about trying to tame it with Daily Provision in your arsenal, only freedom and extra shininess was what I found I could expect.  In fact, I later began using it on my dry hair as well when I wanted more glossy wattage.

After I later grabbed my box of hair color and beautified, I started testing two more products.  I wanted to see how Kenra Professional Platinum Color Care Shampoo for Normal/Medium Hair would fare on my now glorious chocolate-brown hair.  This is a sulfate-free formula that was so luxurious as I lathered and lost my self in all those fragrant, creamy bubbles.

I followed with Platinum Color Care Mango Butter Moisturizer for Normal/Medium Hair.  If hair could talk, mine would be singing with joy at that silkiness and abundance of gold and red highlights against that rich brown that it now possessed.   My hair was happy and simply just gleaming to life like the colors in a beautiful painting when the light is captured just so.

With all sincerity, these Kenra Professional products were tops.  If you haven’t experienced anything from them yet, you really should soon because your beautiful hair will be the envy of your friends!  


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  1. jerseygirl137
    September 8, 2012 / 12:40 pm

    I have used Kendra products and they are great

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