Kenra Professional Styling Products for Amazing Curls Review–Part Six

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Kenra Professional Styling Products

I can be finicky when it comes to my hair.  Sometimes, I want a head of shiny, springy curls and take advantage of my natural curls and waves.  Therefore, I was interested in seeing how to make the most of what I was born with using curling and shine products from Kenra Professional.

The first product I wanted to test was their Curl Defining Creme 5.  I found it to have a delightful strawberry type of aroma once I pumped a little out and ran some through my still damp, freshly washed hair.  

After I finished blow-drying using my diffuser, I found my curls multiplied and looked more defined and glossy  without leaving my hair hard and crunchy to the touch.  Furthermore, the hold lasted throughout a humid day without turning that beauty into frizz.  

I got my bangs tapered to fall just slightly sheer and chipped on my forehead while the rest is pushed back into my hair.  With that said, I needed something else to control that section so I went with the Platinum Grooming Pomade.  This water-based formula provided enough of a hold to keep most of that hair to the side where I wanted it.  This didn’t feel heavy either and really added a nice shine.

Though my hair had a shine, I wanted to see whether their Shine Spray  would make any difference.  This was incredible for turning on the highlights in my hair.  Ingredients like silicone, hydrolyzed silk, and sunflower seed extract help give the hair a softer texture while adding moisture as well.

The Curl Spray 8 is another great one when it comes to curls.  I gave myself a few blasts of this while still slightly damp after shampooing and scrunched before using my blow-dryer with the diffuser.  This product really treated my curls to softness from their humectant-enriched formula that includes glycerin, aloe, jojoba and sunflower oils. 

What I loved about this product was it gave a wonderful gentle hold, kept frizz away, and seemed to revive my curls with a boost of healthy gloss and elasticity, which makes this fantastic in my book.

My hair has never looked prettier since I have been working with Kenra Professional and their topnotch hair products.  I have discovered more control, shine, and healthier revived hair due to their expert formulations and really do recommend them.  Whatever your hair needs, I believe they can help you also discover the road to more beautiful hair and highly advise a visit to their website and picking some products up.  Trust me, and you will thank me later once you see the results.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  Free products were provided to facilitate this review.*


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