Revlon’s Age Defying DNA Advantage Concealer Review

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Revlon’s Age Defying DNA Advantage Concealers 

Finding a concealer that works for you can be tricky.  Some can be too thick or dry and hard to spread forcing you to apply it like spackling, which can also end up in those creases and fine lines.  Others can be too thin and watery so those dark circles you’re attempting to hide surface until you wonder what the company was thinking to even put it on the market.  Then again, you could be lucky to find one that has everything you hope like the new Revlon Age Defying DNA Advantage Concealer.

I received two shades of this concealer in 01 Light and 02 Light/Medium for this review.  These are in tube form and come with a wand applicator.  The consistency is a thinner cream formula that is water-based so it gives superb hydration to the area. In fact, this new Revlon version is one of the most moisturizing concealers that I have ever encountered from a drug store brand with the humectants it contains.  In addition, this product has vitamin B3, vitamin E, and West Indian cherry extract.

You can blend this concealer easily and will get nice sheer to medium coverage to help camouflage problems.

Being fairly light, the lightest of the two  (01 Light) in this line, looked the best on me.  The pale beige has some yellow so it was an excellent match for my skin tone.   In comparison, the 02 Light/Medium was slightly darker but the yellowish was also more emphasized. 

To be frank, I didn’t notice any difference regarding puffiness or eradicating any fine lines or wrinkles due to their DNA Advantage technology.  However, I have only started using this concealer, which could mean those beneficial effects could be apparent later in time with more use.  

I do think Revlon‘s Age Defying DNA Advantage Concealer is definitely worth your consideration.  Perhaps, this could be the ultimate one for you!


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