Beyoncé’s Midnight Heat Perfume Review


Beyoncé's Midnight Heat Perfume ad
Beyoncé’s Midnight Heat Perfume


You can feel the electric energy of pop superstar, Beyoncé’s newest fragrance for Coty Beauty, Midnight Heat, setting off sparks almost immediately in this spicy gourmand fruity-floral.  Working with perfumer, Olivier Gillotin, this latest addition to the Heat family is tantalizing and takes a deeply sensual evening spin on the line that excites the senses and evokes raw passion.

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Ripe succulent fruits of plum, apricot, dragon fruit, and star fruit are the opening notes that give this Midnight Heat fragrance its lively jolt of bubbling fruity sweetness to charge the senses.  The feeling is exhilarating prep before the scent begins to warm in the heart.

The heart of Midnight Heat is where that sparkling quality in the opening loses its slight fruity tartness when influenced by the floral.  Through notes of orchid, black tulips, and pink peony now give the fragrance heavier sweetness.

As this fragrance further warms in its oriental base, the more intense and sinfully sexy with spice  it becomes.  Midnight Heat draws you in with a perfect blend of amber, sandalwood, and earthy patchouli to also add to that creamy, haunting softness from the now powdery floral that delightfully lingers.

I really liked the slow teasing of this sexy perfume as it developed and added Midnight Heat as one of my new date night favorites.  Sample this one for yourself, but allow it time to wrap its embrace to fully appreciate its powerful allure and then you’ll want to pick up a bottle for yourself.

If you’re curious what the first Heat perfume was like, you might want to read my review.

Beyoncé's Midnight Heat Perfume and box
Beyoncé’s Midnight Heat Perfume and box



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