Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Night Cream Review 

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Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Night Cream

Today, I want to tell you about what I think of Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Night Cream in this continuing review of their natural skin care products that the company sent me to evaluate.   As I mentioned, I have been putting those items through a vigorous period of testing more than five weeks now and want to clue you into my findings.

What’s interesting about this antioxidant night cream is that it uses moth bean extract to replicate the effect of commercial retinol for improving skin texture for increased radiance and protecting from environmental damage.   Other botanicals such as African birch and Kakadu plum are included in this formula to work on those fine lines and aid in returning elasticity and firmness to the skin as well as  moisturize.

First, you should know this cream has a luxurious consistency to the touch.  What you immediately notice besides its beautiful flowery smell is how quickly this product absorbs into your skin.  Sometimes, my dry skin can be sensitive, but this cream was extremely gentle without being too greasy or sticky.

Over the weeks of use, I did notice my face had increased softness plus appeared brighter with fewer visible pores.  In addition, this night cream did see to work on some fine lines very well, but had less impact on deeper wrinkles.  

The best thing about this Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream was how it let the skin breathe while repairing aging problems and boosting moisture in a lightweight formula that feels like a safer natural alternative to me than countless chemicals in the traditional commercial version. The 1.7 oz. jar retails for $48 and goes a long way. 

If you care about what sinks through your pores like I do and are looking for a great anti-aging cream, then I definitely think you should look into this product! 


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