Live the Dream! Kim Kardashian’s Glam Perfume Review 

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Kim Kardashian’s Glam Perfume

Beautiful, trendsetting celebrity, Kim Kardashian, did it again with her new recently launched fragrance, Glam, a sophisticated fruity-floral that captivates through intoxicating lush layers in such a way that you instantly feel propelled to the spotlight with all the glamour and attention that comes with it.  Think of this very feminine perfume as your own exclusive invitation to a red carpet event.

The opening notes of Glam are bubbly citrus, blackberry, and watermelon to reflect that anticipated excitement like poised cameras and light as you arrive.  

The sweet notes of this perfume’s heart are where you step out of the limousine and dazzle in that stunning designer gown and glittering jewels with star jasmine, Egyptian tuberose, and rose absolute.  You pose for those admiring eyes focused intently on you and smile confidently at the crowd, feeling utterly beautiful and desirable.

Of course, like the notes in the base, you can’t help but warm the atmosphere and hearts with your sensuality from the sandalwood, creamy orris butter, and heady musk.  Softly your memory will linger in men’s minds long after you leave because you in your Glam will burn an impression that is hard to forget.

Even the bottle is all out glamour in bright pinks and chrome accents dolled up with sparking rhinestones circling the cap. A 3.4 oz. Eau de Parfum retails for $65 and the 1.7 oz. goes for $50. 

Personally, I have loved all of Kim’s perfumes.  However, I can honestly say in my opinion Glam is Kardasian Fragrance‘s best perfume to date and simply am in love with it.  If you haven’t had a chance to experience this one, then you must because it is exquisite and would make an ideal holiday gift to thrill any lucky lady! 


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