Melvita’s Algascience Exfoliating Bath Soap Review

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Melvita’s Algascience Exfoliating Bath Soap

Regardless of how much a woman weighs, she probably will complain about cellulite somewhere on her thighs, stomach, and buttock.  After all, women are genetically prone to be more likely targets for those ugly deposits of fat and trapped waste than men.  If you wonder why  we are the lucky recipients to this body spoiler, then you need to blame a part of the problem due to our unique connective tissue that helps us form those unsightly lumps of cottage cheese-like dimpled skin.

Though there are still many questions as to whether cellulite products can fix this problem, I can assure you from personal experience with French beauty brand, Melvita, that their Algascience Exfoliating Soap before using their Contouring Serum that I reviewed earlier will help you see a smoother, more improved image when looking in that full-length mirror since they do stimulate the circulation.  This is critical for better moving what is trapped beneath the surface of your skin.

The Algascience Exfoliating Bath Bar is plant-based and harnesses the power of red seaweed particles and lichen carrageheen that when hit with water expand for a better massage when working these cellulite plagued areas with its grainy texture.  To condition as well, this big bar of 8.82 oz. has Shea butter and essential oils of hybrid lavender and litsea cubeba.

Whether what is stirred up when working that cellulite is toxins or fat or a combination, I have no idea but this bar and accompanying serum are important to get that blood circulating through your system to help flush this rubbish out.  All I can say is the texture when pinching my thighs and backside seemed to take on a better appearance especially when I followed their Algascience Contouring Serum when I routinely began using them, which makes me a fan!

Do check these Algascience Exfoliating Bath Bar and Contouring Serum out from Melvita and decide for yourself because I do think you will like them.


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