Melvita’s Rose Nectar Fresh Micellar Water Review

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Melvita’s Rose Nectar Fresh Micellar Water

A cleanser and toner are equally important but have different purposes in your skin care regime.  But what if I told you one product can take off your makeup, gently cleanse your face, and tone it at the same time?  This sounds great to me since I was looking forward to testing micellar water from French brand, Melvita, with their Rose Nectar Fresh Micellar Water for this review.

To use this product, you need to dab a cotton ball with some and start swiping away.  This does dissolves makeup and clean your face without any tightness.  You don’t even need to rinse!

For some, the need for water in the equation to feel clean will be surprised at how unbelievably fresh your complexion will look once you check your mirror.  Take it from me, I used to even follow with up with soap and water after using cleansing wipes–that is until working with this Rose Nectar Fresh Micellar Water.  Trust me, but you won’t miss the water.

I have been using this micellar water regularly in the mornings than evenings when I have lots of makeup to remove for prepping my skin before I apply cosmetics.  Although this product removes makeup easily enough, I am lazy when it comes to changing cotton balls for stripping a lot of it away.  On the other hand, the morning is perfect to give me a balanced and comfortable clean with a glow to my complexion.

Save yourself some steps in your skin care and look into picking up the Rose Nectar Fresh Micellar Water. This product sells for $22 for the 6.7 oz. size. 

Like everything else from Melvita, I feel good knowing that nothing but the finest certified organic ingredients are in their products to keep me beautiful as well as healthy.  Isn’t that what you want also?


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