NYC New York Color Cosmetics Sparkle Eye Dust Review (Champagne #893, Pink Champagne, #14 Karat Rose #892) + SWATCHES!

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NYC New York Color Cosmetics Sparkle Eye Dusts.jpeg
NYC New York Color Cosmetics Sparkle Eye Dust 

What I discovered with NYC New York Color Cosmetics Sparkle Eye Dust shadows in Champagne #893, Pink Champagne #14, and Karat Rose #892 are that they are ideal for capturing beams of pure sheer color to play up your eyes.  These three shades in particular come across as more of a highlight shade but don’t let that stop you from using that gorgeous array of radiance on the entire eye lid.

In my above photo, Karat Rose #892 is on the left followed by Champagne #893 in the middle and ending with Pink Champagne #14 on the right.

These shadows are in the form of loose powder shadow that comes in a pot with attached brushed.  You don’t have to worry about flying eye shadow powder to ruin your application.  Pull the brush out from inside the powder, dab against the sides of the container and there is no mess.

Champagne #893 is a gleaming beige-peach that you’ll adore because it is so natural looking but effective as it lights up eyes.  Pink Champagne #14 will give you a pale mauve-pink with gold while the Karat Rose #892 provides a shimmering medium toned pink..  Have fun with these by themselves, or to highlight as well as to work with other shades to change those stunning effects that are possible.

I did try swatching these shades for you on my arm.  However, the photo did not come out where you could see those magnificent ribbons of light that these three Sparkle Eye Dust shadows throw off.

swatches of the Sparkle Eye Dust trio.jpeg
Pink Champagne #14 is on the left with Karat Rose #892 on the middle of my arm while Champagne #893 is on the right.

You will also appreciate how long lasting these shadows are.  If you haven’t given them a try yet and want to shine with gleaming light on your eyes without glitter specks to spoil that effect, then I seriously suggest looking into buying these NYC New York Color Sparkle Eye Dust shadows.


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