Revive Hair Color and Condition With NEW Roux Color Refresh Masks Review 

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 Roux Color Refresh Masks

Other than using a permanent hair color,  I had never tried a product to boost color in between the normal hair coloring process.  When I was approached to give the newly launched Roux Color Refresh Mask a shot, I was eager to see how well this type of product worked to help me extend the time between colorings.

This product is not meant to cover grays like your permanent and semi-permanet hair coloring products.  As I mentioned, this mask serves to enhance the color that is already on your head and renew with more vibrant color, gloss, and condition quickly in just three minutes.  The effects of this mask will last  between two and five shampoos.

I was sent the Deep Chestnut 513 and Brown 411 to experiment with.  There are six other shades available from White Platinum 1002Pale Gold 1003, Light Pearly Beige Blonde 813, Copper 740, and Fire Red 600. 

My first attempt involved using the Deep Chestnut 513.  Believe it or not, this stuff really perked my hair up with deep chocolate darkness that had lots of shiny red and golden highlights.  The feel that I found later was silky to the touch.

Later, I tried the Brown 411.  This was closer in color to my medium brown hair and nicely complimented it with a bounty of shine and lovely highlights.

You can buy the Roux mask online or at your local Sally Beauty for $4.99.  Starting October 1, you can get $2.00 off all month since this is an intro special!  Do pick some up because I really think you will like how this mask works to rev up the beauty of your hair.


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