Rimmel London Glam ‘Eyes Quad Eye Shadows Review (#023 Beauty Spell, #002 Smokey Brun, #026 Precious Crown) + Swatches!

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Rimmel London Glam 'Eyes Quad Eye Shadows.jpeg
Rimmel London Glam ‘Eyes Quad Eye Shadows

Eye shadow happens to be one of my favorite cosmetics.   Furthermore, eye products are ones that I can’t live without since it draws attention to what I consider my best feature with my brown eyes.  I’m sure many of you feel the same way and are always on the lookout for exciting new shades to do the trick like myself.  Therefore, I was eager to review the Glam ‘Eyes Quad Eye Shadow from Rimmel London in #023 Beauty Spell, #002 Smokey Brun, and #026 Precious Crown to share with you.

To begin, I will tell you about #023 Beauty Spell.  This compact has four shades of coordinated shadows in the mauve/purple family that blended nicely and held up without creasing for most of my day.  The colors are on the cool side with shimmer ranging from slight to more with instructions by number to apply.  The #3 silvery white color is the highlight with bits of sparkle with the lid color #1 of shimmering cool pale purple while the crease color #2 is a pretty mauve-purple with less shimmer to this shade while the  black with bits of sparkle is the #4 accent shade.

Next, I tried the #002 Smokey Brun compact, which happened to end up being my favorite.  This foursome is a gorgeous brown-toned compact with just the right amount of shimmer and ideal coordination of shades.  For the #3 highlight, there is a champagne color with pink and gold gleaming within, the #1 lid color is a mixture of rose and gold with taupe, the #2 crease color is gleaming golden-bronze while the #4 accent shade is a chocolate with gold luster.  This compact had just the right amount of pigmentation, but if you need more I recommend either wetting the sponge applicator first or use a shadow base, which will intensify the richness of the shades.

Finally, I worked with the #026 Precious Crown.  In this compact, the deep shades have a shimmer and are ones of a dark plum (#2 crease color), a dark forest green for the (#3 highlight choice), a midnight blue color for the (#1 lid color), and a charcoal-gray accent #4 color.  What I discovered is that the colors do not necessarily appear the same when used than they do in the compact, which surprised me like the dark green  and midnight blue shades that looked more deep charcoal-gray than having any hints of blue or green–at least to my eyes.  However, the dark plum shade comes out more true to the compact. 

In this photo,  #026 Precious Crown is on the left and #023 Beauty Spell takes the right while #002 Smokey Brun is alone at the bottom.

swatches of theGlam 'Eyes Quad Eye Shadows.jpeg
Starting from the left to the right in the next photo below, you will see the four swatches of #002 Smokey Brun followed by the second four swatches of #026 Precious Crown and ending with four swatches of #023 Beauty Spell.

Overall, I liked Glam ‘Eyes Quad Eye Shadows, especially Smokey Brun for creating a nice look and how long they lasted without fading or creasing.  Do look for these shadows as well from Rimmel London the next time you shop!



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  1. Amberg132
    January 6, 2015 / 4:25 pm

    I own #26 Precious Crown too and I'm sad to say I share a similar disappointment. I purchased the quad for the forest green and purple which also turn out ashy grey on me…

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