Natural Perfumes From Auric Blends Love and Egyptian Goddess Review


Natural Perfumes Egyptian Goddess Perfume Oil
Egyptian Goddess Perfume Oil

Auric Blends is a company that seems to infuse intoxicating beauty into every one of their natural perfumes, candles, incense, soaps, and perfume oils that I have tried.  For effortless seduction, let me acquaint you with two of my favorites, their best-selling Egyptian Goddess Fine Perfume Oil and Love Perfume Spray that were sent to me for this review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The essence of Egyptian Goddess is so subtle and yet mysterious as it softly weaves its seductive spell of soft florals, light powder and musk to command attention.   Whenever I wear this bewitching perfume, I feel more beautiful and so empowered because I can feel male eyes on me.  Egyptian Goddess Fine Perfume Oil is a more potent mix of sensual creamy musk and soft powdery floral that comes in a dab on form.  Unlike the perfume spray, this version of the fragrance is a concentrated form and will last even longer to make him burn with desire for you.

Auric Blends Natural Perfumes Love Perfume Spray
Love Perfume Spray


Love Perfume Spray takes that same mind-boggling Egyptian Goddess formula and gives it a breezy clean lightness to round out the warmth of seductive musk, white amber, woods, and those soft floral notes.  This one is just as irresistible, only it has more of a powdery quality to the spiciness that is enchanting.

How can I explain how much both of these perfumes can make a woman feel at her sexy best?  Egyptian Goddess is sizzling with hidden sensuality only a bit stronger in the perfume oil form  compared to the spray version that I reviewed last year.  Whereas, Love Perfume Spray  has a bit more spice compared to the softer scent of Egyptian Goddess Perfume Spray, but is just as enticing when it comes to encompassing sexiness only in a different way.

I honestly love Auric Blends natural perfumes and do highly recommend both Egyptian Goddess and Love Perfume of any form.  Either or both of these captivating perfumes would make a wonderful holiday gift for any woman so she may cast her own seductive spell.  So, guys, do pick Egyptian Goddess or Love Perfume or both for your own goddess and show her that she rules your heart!



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