Barbara Orbison’s Pretty Woman 2012 Perfume Holiday Gift Set Review

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Pretty Woman
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Barbara Orbison

If you want to help the woman in your life feel her prettiest self, you need a very special fragrance that has the power to touch her soul and change her attitude from within.  My secret for those seeking the way to a beautiful inner transformation is by wearing this precious spicy, woody floral essence of what Barbara Orbison, widow of singer/songwriter, Roy Orbison, captured with her simply magnificent Pretty Woman Perfume, which leaves a woman with a feeling of unmatched elegance, confidence, and glamour.  

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Ray and Barbara Orbison

With opening notes of crisp bergamot paving the way among those of floral, spices, and woods, this gorgeous Oriental influenced fragrance shows off undeniable maturity and confidence.  Once the middle notes of stargazer lily, red rose, and carnation emerge, this well-thought out fragrance gains a sense of romance, mystery, and sophistication that are something to behold.  The scent further warms in the base so seductively with amber, patchouli, vanilla, atlas cedar, and sacred incense it becomes velvety as it drapes you in its consuming beauty.

Read my original review to get the full scope of its allure.

Take if from this perfumista, Pretty Woman Perfume, is an exquisite fragrance to treasure in the way it can brighten your spirit and feeling as lovely as the song of its inspiration.   

When drawing up your holiday shopping list, I think you would be interested in their Pretty Woman 2012 Holiday Special Gift Set that regularly sells for $112, but now can be had for $85 on the company’s website!  

The Pretty Woman 2012 Holiday Special Gift Set includes:

1 50 mL bottle of Pretty Woman Perfume

1 Pretty Woman “On the Go!”

1 Pretty Woman Guitar Keychain

1 Limited Edition Gold Pretty Woman Cosmetic Bag

Trust me, but give her Pretty Woman and witness for yourself the dazzling stunner she becomes.  

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  Free product was provided to facilitate this review.*

Barbara Orbison's Pretty Woman 2012 Perfume Holiday Gift Set.jpeg
Barbara Orbison’s Pretty Woman 2012 Perfume Holiday Gift Set 


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