Jurlique’s Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream Review

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Jurlique’s Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream

As I have explained earlier, I have been testing an assortment of products over a long period of weeks from those natural skin care experts at Jurlique.  Today, I want to fill you in on the exciting discovery I made with their Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream.

The product uses powerful plant based amino acid (DPHP), rock samphire and beech tree bud extracts, along with vitamin C among other select ingredients to firm, lift, and moisturize as well as brighten the complexion in a formula that helps skin regenerate elastin, collagen, and new skin cells.

As you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to get started to see if that cream did, indeed, live up to those claims. 
The first few days of use quenched my dry skin with wonderful moisture and left it feeling as smooth as velvet without any irritation. 

I didn’t see immediate improvement on the wrinkle front at first.  However, I gradually saw beautiful changes as more time passed with regular use of this cream.  My complexion definitely looked brighter after the first week.  Over the following two weeks, I found how more refined the texture of my skin appeared.  And yet, I still see much difference with filling in those creases–that is until a few more weeks into my testing (around the fifth or sixth week–and then, wow)! 

At this point, I was thrilled with what this cream did for me.  I had a  small discolored spot on cheek that I couldn’t find anymore, along with a new overall glow.  The tiny creases around my eyes did seem to somehow seal up while the two deeper wrinkles at the sides of cheeks were still there, but hardly as prominent. 

Jurlique‘s Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream is definitely a keeper in my book.  I plan to restock this once I finish my cream.   The 1.7 oz. jar retails for $70, but it does last.  Do look into this one because it does give such amazing results!


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