Let Your Complexion Bloom! Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water Review

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Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water

I started my love affair with organic rose water while in college.   I discovered it gave my slightly oily complexion dewy freshness when I spritzed that really made a striking difference with or without a moisturizer or to set my makeup throughout a long day.   Though some years have passed and now my complexion is on the dry side, I never stopped using or believing in the beauty power behind rose water.  

When Tammy Fender’s Bulgarian Rose Water unexpectedly arrived at my door, I was surprised but happy to have the chance to test this holistic skin care product out without any hesitation!  Although I have never tried any of the famed aesthetician’s all natural line that started at her spa in Palm Beach with custom formulations to meet the needs of each skin type, I couldn’t wait to get started.

The heavenly aroma of rose petals surrounds you even through the closed bottle.  And yet, this sweet scent is only just the beautiful beginning of what is ahead.  Now I could have just spritzed and refreshed my complexion on the spot, but I cleansed my face first and then sprayed some on a cotton ball before swiping over my still damp face.  Ah, the exquisite rose fragrance was aromatherapy in itself and left me with a blissful feeling while I dabbed to tone my skin.

Instantly, my complexion felt soothed and soft like velvet.  This extremely gentle product provided the perfect base once I applied my anti-aging serum and brought with it radiance and a bloom to my cheeks, which increased daily.  Whenever my skin felt extra dry or to refresh my makeup, I gave myself another fragrant treatment. 

If my face could talk, it would say I am happy–just look at me!  After all, you will be stealing the potent energy from a rose from what Tammy Fender’s Bulgarian Rose Water will do for own face for keeping it moist, softer, and revitalized. 

Honestly, I have used countless bottles and brands of rose water.  In my opinion, this one is incredible.  You might call this face food to feed a hungry face that may be starving from dull, lackluster skin.   A 6.7 fl. oz. bottle retails for $65 and does go a long way.  

Try Tammy Fender’s Bulgarian Rose Water for yourself or give one as a gift this holiday season and then you’ll understand why I love it so!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  A free product was provided to facilitate this review.*


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