Lisa Hoffman Beauty’s Tunisian Neroli Eau de Parfum Spray and Variations Fine Fragrance Oils Review

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Lisa Hoffman Beauty's Tunisian Neroli Eau de Parfum Spray and Variations Fine Fragrance Oils.jpeg
Lisa Hoffman Beauty’s Tunisian Neroli Eau de Parfum Spray and Variations Fine Fragrance Oils

What a cozy way to stay warm than with Lisa Hoffman Beauty’s beautifully intoxicating Tunisian Neroli Eau de Parfum as it wraps you with its rich fruit-floral and woods for a comforting feeling as soft and elegant as cashmere against your skin as it seduces.  And yet, there is an exotic opulence in the way this perfume touches you.

The opening notes are dreamlike with gardenia petals floating among watery accords for sweet breeziness.  You pleasantly drift until encountering the brisker undercurrent of blood orange that stirs up the mix for a refreshing splash of freshness.

Happily awake now, the compelling heart notes of ylang ylang, orange nectar, and neroli blossoms force you into plunging into that tempting pool of fresh sweetness.  Because it exerts such a powerful hold over your senses, you want to savor that exquisite aroma in that haunting water and the uninhibited sensation for as long as possible.  You could stay there forever if not for the warmth in the eyes of an awaiting admirer.

The romantic base is all about desire as you exchange knowing smiles.   You nearly stop his heart with a heady dose of floral from gardenia and ylang ylang burning with golden amber and vanilla for seduction in this dry down.

The matching set of four Variations Fine Fragrance Oils is another appealing way to experience the joy of wearing this scent.   What is so irresistible about this set is how Lisa Hoffman Beauty formulated the Tunisian Neroli perfume to best suit morning, daytime, evening, and bedtime.  

You can wear each roll-on perfume alone or layer them for a slightly different variation.  Regardless of the method you choose, you will be captivated by this exquisite fragrance.

Vial 01:  Morning–This is when the Tunisian Neroli fragrance sparkles the most with juicy citrus from blood orange infused with sweet gardenia and watery accords.

Vial 02:  Daytime–This is the formulation of the scent that shows its warm and romantic side with  ylang ylang, lemon, golden amber, musk, and Tunisian Neroli blossoms.  

Vial 03:  Evening–You’ll find this oil the most seductive Tunisian Neroli variation.   With romantic floral, vanilla, and golden amber, this alluring version can play havoc with your senses.

Vial 04:  Bedtime–This vial is the most delicate way to experience the Tunisian Neroli fragrance.  All soft woods and deep musks are dominant over the notes to give it a dreamy romantic quality. 

If you want a truly sensuous floral that goes lightly with the woods and spice while also having an inner sparkling radiance, you will also love this Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance as much as I do.  

The Tunisian Neroli Eau de Parfum Spray retails for $65 and the Tunisian Neroli Variations Fine Fragrance Oils sell for $95.

Those looking to make a woman happy this holiday shopping season should definitely think of these for gifts!

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