Look Younger! Renee Taylor’s face Love Tightening Serum Review

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Renee Taylor’s face Love Tightening Serum

Those that make their living in front of a camera depend on maintaining their best appearance possible.  Ask any actress or model what their special trick is and you might discover certain cosmetics, makeup tips, diet, or skin care products are what keeps them looking  beautiful and practically defy aging.   Actress, Renee Taylor, best known for her role as Sylvia Fine on the hit television comedy,  “The Nanny,” is one such master now sharing her secret with the world.

Working together with Renee’s personal makeup artist, Cindy Carol, the pair developed a product to instantly tighten facial lines for a more youthful appearance.  This firming serum is called face Love and I was asked to review it.

I don’t have lots of deep wrinkles, but I do have two bad boys on the sides of my cheeks near my mouth. Therefore, I was game to test  Renee Taylor’s face Love all right!  

According to the directions, you can use a drop or two on a freshly washed face or over makeup for anywhere on the face, eye area or neck.  Be sure your face dries completely first before applying the product.  I only needed a drop to do my entire face.  What I noticed was the serum did seem to chip away years while toning your face from what I was staring at in my mirror. 

The two deeper wrinkles that plagued me did tighten and the finer creases around my eyes disappeared.  However, I must have over applied on those two bigger wrinkles trying to finish what I had left on my finger because I noticed there was white caking in the area. 

Less is better when using this product.  Therefore, the next time I tried using, I only added what I needed and not layering.  This gave a much better look to my face. 

In fact, I also wanted to see the difference of how this product would work when applied over my makeup.  I gained a more natural look and preferred this method.  

The driving force behind this revolutionary instant face lift is a powerful anti-wrinkle peptide called acetyl hexapeptide.  And I must admit, but Renee Taylor’s face Love does help you look younger quickly.  I don’t know how long this wonderful improvement will last, but I think it’s fantastic way to  feel better about yourself and aging.  I think any woman that has some wrinkling issues, whether a few like mine or more, would love this serum. 

This serum came ready for gift-giving in a pink  bag, adorned with pink ribbon and also came with a bonus of a full-size tube of LipLove lipstick, a medium pink shade, for $55!  If you ask me, you can hardly buy one skin care product anymore for that price.

With the holiday season and all those parties on the horizon, you need to put your best face forward and Renee Taylor’s face Love can definitely help you do that!  Pick some up for yourself or give as a gift to brighten someone else’s life and witness a beautiful change. 

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  I received a free product to facilitate this review.*


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  1. Lisa Cocuzza
    November 28, 2012 / 9:11 pm

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Renee Taylor's faceLove. L-

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