Umberto Beverly Hills Volume Boosting Foam Review

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Umberto Beverly Hills Volume Boosting Foam

If you think that volumizing styling products only can help those with fine or thin hair, then you are missing out on what I consider essential for practically every head. 

As I mentioned, I have lots of thick hair with waves and curls so why would I need any such product?  The answer is because a volumizing styling product can be your hair’s best friend, especially if you have some layers cut into my hair or just to pump up what you got.  So when I was asked to review Volume Boosting Foam from Umberto of Beverly Hills, I looked forward to testing it out.  

This product comes as a lightweight foam.  The formula contains conditioning lemongrass extract and balm mint for shine and manageability as well keeping hair static free.

After I washed and towel-dried my hair, I pumped two small puffs of the foam and worked it through my strands, concentrating on my layers. 

By the time I finished playing with my ceramic brushes and blow-dryer, my curls looked fuller and possessed a healthy shine. 

To make the most of those beautiful curls, I pulled out my curling iron and finished with a spritz of hair spray to set my style in place.  

Using this product the night before, I found my hair did not fall flat.  In fact, those curls held their own even after I combed and brushed them the next morning.

This is a wonderful hair product when you need to have reliable hair the next morning and want to save time.  I really liked it and am of the opinion that you would too!  You can find the Umberto Volume Boosting Foam at Target  for $9.99 or any of Umberto’s West Coast salons.


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