Essence Cosmetics Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Limited Edition) Collection Review–SWATCHES!–Photos!

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Essence Cosmetics Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

While the haunting vampire romance of the Twilight Saga may be coming to an end with Breaking Dawn Part 2, Essence Cosmetics recreates that surreal magic of dark eternal beauty  in this limited edition collection.  Let me help you explore some shimmering possibilities from among these products I was sent for this review.

A glimmering complexion like Bella’s is possible with the Essence Breaking Dawn Shimmer Powder (01 Bella’s Secret).  This illuminating powder floods your face with a subtle sheen of gleaming pale champagne colored radiance.  I think this one is excellent and quite comparable to some high-end brands. Dust your cheekbones with this fine-textured powder and gain a mystical gold-shimmering glow that lasts.

For cheeks, you can add a beautiful flush of Breaking Dawn Blush (01 Renesmee Red).  This is a finely milled, nicely pigmented natural looking red with orange tones that has a delicate shimmer.

To compliment that unaccountable glow, Essence has four dramatic Breaking Dawn Loose Pigment Eye Shadows.  Three are very dark and one is light with a touch to abundant glitter mixed through to help create mesmerizing eyes.

01 Jacob’s Protection is nearly black with a slight sparkle to it.
02 A Piece of Forever is a light gold to cast your eyes with a sweep of seductive glitter.
03 Alice Had A Vision–Again is a spirited purple-black with lots of glitter.
04 Edward’s Love is deep gray-plum with a subtle shimmer.

swatches of Loose eye shadow pigments.jpeg
Starting at my wrist in the photo below is 01 Jacob’s Protection  followed by 02 Edward’s Love then 03 Alice Had A Vision–Again and ending with 04 A Piece Of Forever.

For further impact, there are two Breaking Dawn Liquid Glitter Eyeliners.  01 Alice Had A Vision–Again is near black-purple with glitter while 02 Jacob’s Protection is a dangerous midnight-blue with glitter.  The extra glitter in the formula heightens that somewhat magical twinkling effect of the eye shadows. 

Just as powerful are the four Essence Breaking Dawn nail polishes.  In keeping with that unearthly aura, all  sparkle within their dark depths of those polishes, ranging from dark to light.

01 Jacob’s Protection is a glittering midnight blue and full of mystery.
02 Alice Had A Vision–Again is a sparkling deep purple bordering on mystical black.
03 A Piece Of Forever is a shimmering gold.
04 Edward’s Love is glittery dark black.

The perfect mouth like Bella’s calls for blood red lips like Essence Breaking Dawn Lipgloss (02 Renesmee Red).  This gloss has almost a fruity taste and will slick your lips with sheer red color with slight red glitter mixed through. 

modeling 02 Breaking Dawn Lipgloss.jpeg
Check out 02 Renesmee Red in the above photo.

The second Breaking Dawn Lipgloss is 01 Alice Had A Vision--Again is the dark metallic purple lip gloss in this collection.  It looks on the edge of black inside the tube, but it glides on as a sheer deep purple with multicolor sparkles through it to give it that not of this world quality.  

modeling 01 Breaking Dawn Lipgloss.jpeg
 Here is a photo of 01 Alice Had A Vision–Again.

Bella tempted Edward with kisses from her glittering gold supernatural lips.  And yet, you too can have just as inviting lips with Essence Breaking Dawn Lipstick (01 A Piece Of Forever).  This lipstick contains fine gold particles that once upon your lips will feel moisturizing while enticing with that seductive play of a shimmer.

If you want to unleash your own forbidden allure, I think you should check out this limited edition Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collection from Essence Cosmetics before it’s gone, especially the Shimmer Powder and Blush. You can have a lot of fun with these products as you make your own bewitching story!

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collection.jpeg
Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collection

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  Free products were provided solely to facilitate this review.*


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