Melvita’s Bio-Excellence Micellar Water Review

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Melvita’s Bio-Excellence Micellar Water

As women, we subject our faces to a multitude of different cosmetics daily.  And yet, in our rush to remove them after a long day, we might innocently be doing an injustice to our skin that we don’t realize.  We could be leaving behind traces of makeup that dull your complexion and stay in your pores.  However, French beauty brand, Melvita’s, Bio-Excellence Micellar Water that I have been testing could be the solution that you are looking for.

Unlike your typical toner that you rely on to rid you of any last bit of makeup or grime, you can thoroughly cleanse your face with a micellar water and cotton balls.  The number of cotton balls needed could depend on how heavily made up you are, but you never need water to rinse.

Of course, a toner also soothes and prepares the skin surface for your moisturizer so it can sink in better.  Micellar water does those things but also helps brighten the complexion as well.  

Therefore, after being impressed from my initial experience with Melvita’s Rose Nectar Fresh Micellar Water, I welcomed a review of the Bio-Excellence Micellar Water as you might well understand.

This product uses floral waters such as rose water to revitalize, lavender to comfort skin, and orange fruit water to restore healthy balance and glow along with essential oils among the ingredients.

You will delight in the fragrant rose smell once opening the bottle.  That sensory pleasure heightens as you dab your cotton ball with Bio-Excellence Micellar Water and cleanse because the scent alone soothes your spirit just as much as the comforting feel of this gentle product against your skin. 

I preferred turning to this toner when I didn’t have a lot of makeup on.  Although the product could handle removing it easily enough, I am lazy and hated going through how many cotton balls to do it. 

To sum it up, I noticed how beautiful my complexion looked the more times I used it.  My pores diminished and my skin overall had a rosier glow. 

Micellar waters are definitely the way to go if you ask me because the product does more than clean and tone with the renewed radiance that you will see. 

I gladly will keep using my Bio-Excellence Micellar Water.  The 6.76 fl. oz. bottle sells for $22.   Have you tried one yet?

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  A free product was provided to facilitate this review.*


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