Melvita’s Roll-On Argan Oil Review

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Melvita’s Roll-On Argan Oil 

Faces and hands never had it so good thanks to French beauty brand, Melvita’s Roll-On Argan Oil.  Besides being fabulously loaded with essential fatty acids and sterols to help repair and moisturize skin, this form is extremely handy to pack in a handbag or excellent when traveling on flights.

I already am a fan of Melvita’s Argan Oil and have used it to condition my hair and to richly hydrate my face, hands, and body.  Therefore, when the company had that brilliant idea to produce that product into roll-on form, I was excited when it arrived for my review because they made it that much easier to target those dry spots or chapped lips.

Their product is the first cold pressed unscented argan oil from organic farming, which means a purer argan oil that is also free of preservatives and any color.  

I found Melvita’s Roll-On Argan Oil especially wonderful in healing chapped lips besides just for facial skin.  

My skin is dry and does have a tendency to flake in spots at times.  However, I found after cleansing and leaving my face slightly damp before rolling on some in those spots fixed that problem without any greasy look for daytime.  

Another trick after cleansing is to apply the roll-on to the dry areas, then spritz with a facial mist, and gently pat with the pads of your fingers will work the oil in and do wonders for your complexion in the process. 

For extreme dryness, I used this product straight after cleansing at bedtime to saturate the plagued area with that rich, lubricating moisture.  By morning, any flaking problem I had was resolved.  

I really am fond of this product for its performance and convenience.  I suggest looking into trying Melvita’s Roll-On Argan Oil  for yourself because I know it can help with dry winter lips and any dry patches on your face that are hard to often heal.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  A free product was provided to facilitate this review.*


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