Unwind With This Heavenly Fragrance! Thymes Lavender Cologne Spray Review

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Thymes Lavender Cologne

Fragrance can mean many things to different people.  Some individuals find fragrances are important for capturing a feeling, immortalizing a memory or just the perfect way to express who you are. 

Whether you turn to fragrance to lift your spirit or just another way to beautify yourself through different scents based upon your  changing moods,  Thymes, the creative collaborative in Minneapolis, Minnesota, understands the powerful influence of fragrances upon are daily lives through every enticing scented product they produce such as their line of beautiful colognes.

Today, I want to tell you about their Lavender Cologne Spray.  Unlike other lavender fragrances, Thymes created an aromatic version that is simply put, heavenly with the graceful softness from rosewood, clary sage, and violet leaf to balance the stronger scented lavender.  The result of this artful composition is a powdery pure floral fragrance that possesses a hint of spice that is extremely comforting as well as feminine to wear.

If you’re looking for gorgeous light floral that will warm your heart without overpowering with lavender, you really should try Thymes Lavender Cologne Spray.  Their version is as gentle and innocent to your senses as a baby’s sweet touch.  I definitely recommend this fragrance as a holiday gift.  I promise this one will fill that special someone with bliss.

Thymes Lavender Cologne Spray retails for $33 for a 1.75 fl. oz. size.  The company also has makes their tempting lavender scent available in a sink set, hand wash, home fragrance mist, hand cream and lotion, bath salts, body lotion, bubble bath, and body wash. 


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