Explore Breezy, Clean Beauty! Thymes Eucalyptus Cologne Review

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Thymes Eucalyptus Cologne

The thought of a eucalyptus in a fragrance baffled
me at first.  Since it does possess such a strong aroma, I was curious how
would work it into cologne or if I would even find it all that appealing when
I received a bottle to review.  Nonetheless, I must confess this green
fragrance is unlike anything you might have imagined with its
extraordinary  beauty that awakens your senses like a fresh breeze of the

Simply put, Thymes Eucalyptus opens with stimulating
freshness of the eucalyptus that is gently subdued by sparkling notes of Italian
lemon, orange, and bergamot for such an uplifting rush of energy.  One
whiff of this  exhilarating scent and you’ll feel invigorated and at the
top of your game for whatever your day is like.

Yet, this is an intricate fragrance.  Once
those green floral notes along with lemongrass in the
heart kick in for warmth and add to that unexpected combination, the scent
develops a light romantic sweetness to make most of that clean zing.

Still, there are even more surprises ahead. 
The longer that lemongrass seems to float against a herbaceous bed of rosewood and fir, the more
seductive this unique scent becomes. 

This is an enchanting and sexy mix that you
honestly need to experience firsthand to understand its true appeal.  If
you’re like me, then I think you will be pulled in by its exciting allure. 
Do pick some up!

Thymes Eucalyptus Cologne sells for
$33 for a 1.75 spray.  The Eucalyptus Collection has many other
products to pamper yourself with from hand cream, body lotion, body wash, bath
salts, soap, hand lotion, hand wash, home fragrance mist, sink set, and
bubble bath.  


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