A Makeup Primer Trick for a No-Fail Flawless Look

a makeup primer trick for a flawless look


Of course, you know how much better your skin can look when you take the time to apply a primer before your foundation.  However, there is a little primer trick that makeup artists swear by for smoothing out the canvas of your complexion even more that really works!

I’m talking about using a moisturizer along with a primer before  your foundation.  Perhaps, you simply skipped applying a moisturizer thinking the primer was enough for comfort and prepping for those cosmetics.  And yet, while that primer masked those tiny imperfections and pores, you will be surprised at how adding a layer of moisturizer first will further fill in any remaining flaws that might distract from your beauty.

Think of that moisturizer as the final spackling to that coat of primer before you paint with your foundation.  After all, you wouldn’t attempt to paint a room in your house without first prepping the walls with a thorough washing followed by primer.  Naturally, if you had any damage to those walls, you also had to repair that before painting.  Otherwise, your hard work to transform that room with a beautiful new coat of paint would have been a waste of time and money.

Now my skin is on the dry side so the extra moisturizing product is welcome on my face.  On the other hand, if you have oily skin, I honestly can’t say if this would make you greasier in appearance even with an oil-free moisturizer.  I seriously urge you to try this simple makeup primer trick because it does give you the best looking complexion ever that is almost as close as airbrushed skin–and I’m nuts about that!


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