NYC New York Color Individual Eyes Custom Compact (#941 Smokey Browns, #942 Smokey Blues) Review–Photos–Swatches!

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NYC New York Color Individual Eyes Custom Compact #942.jpeg
#942 Smoky Blues 

An undeniable aura of mystery is what I find so
sexy about the look of smoky eyes.  Yet, pulling off that effect can take
some doing unless you have the right shades of shadows and technique to do the
trick.  I received two 
NYC New York Color Individual Eyes Custom
in  #941 Smokey Browns and #942 Smokey Blues that just
simplify the task.

Although I do not have blue eyes as #942
Smokey Blues
are intended for, but dark brown, these basic colors were
striking on me and would probably work beautifully for all.  The deepest shade is a dark
plum along with a medium brown and a lighter beige-brown and a golden-apricot

Below is a photo of #942 Smokey Blues.  I also swatched the shades.  Starting on the right, the dark plum is nearest my wrist, then medium warm brown, beige-brown, and ending with the golden-apricot.

swatches of #942 shadows.jpeg
Here are swatches of #942 Smoky Blues

#941 Smokey Browns is another pretty
palette of gray-taupe shadows that is basic and quite versatile to compliment
practically all eye colors with its beauty.  The darkest color is a soft
shimmering charcoal black, medium brown-purple, medium beige-brown, and a silver

Next, I  am holding #941 Smokey Browns for you below and swatched the shades.  Closest to my wrist and working down my arm is the charcoal color, brown-plum, beige-brown, and ending with the silver.

swatches of #941 shadows.jpeg
Swatches of #941 Smoky Browns

NYC New York Color Individual Eyes Custom Compact (#941 Smokey Browns).jpeg
NYC New York Color Individual Eyes Custom Compact (#941 Smokey Browns

These compacts also come with a primer and
illuminator to use over the highlight color.  In addition, you still get an
applicator, which many companies have been skimping out on these days.

Furthermore, the shadows themselves go on
smoothly, blend nicely, and last for hours.  You can expect at least five
hours without problems.

Another thing I want to mention is these are
wonderful and matte for daytime.  However, if you want more than a subtle
shimmer, you can wet the applicator and it will give it more of that smoldering
gleam you might be after for evening.

Best of all, these two NYC New York Color Individual Eyes Custom Compacts were so affordable at $4.99 each.  If you need
some new dazzling smoky shadows, I suggest you visit your drugstore and pick up

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest
opinion.  Free products were provided solely to facilitate this review.*


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