Purex Crystals for Baby Review + WIN $1,000 or One of 250 FREE Products!

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Purex Crystals for Baby

Babies aren’t the only ones with sensitivity
issues and delicate noses.   Some detergents and fabric softeners are
less than gentle when it comes to skin.   Needless to say, I never had
problems with any formula of Purex as I occasionally had with other
brands.  Therefore, I looked forward to giving my laundry an added bit of
baby-safe freshness with Purex Crystals for Baby since this
company’s formulations have gained my trust.

Along with the Purex Baby
detergent, I added the 87% natural Purex Crystals for Baby at the
start of my wash.  Unlike other fabric softeners that can build up in
clothing fibers, the crystals in this formula do not linger and pose a  potential
fire hazard, which gives you peace of mind especially when it comes to
children’s sleepwear.

This softener is hypo-allergenic and free of dyes and
strong fragrance.  Instead, you will find the scent pleasant and light plus
the fabrics are soft enough to cuddle when you hold them close.

According to the advertising, these crystals
infuse into the fabric and keep that beautiful smell for a lot longer like
weeks.  Since I just received this  product a few days ago and only
had a chance to do a few loads, I hardly had time to put that claim to the

However, I did wash my blankets and am looking forward to putting
them to a timely sniff test later.  But for now, I can tell you that they
smell beautiful when I was folding them.

Purex Crystals for Baby will be
available for sale in the fabric softeners section at Walmart in early

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*Disclaimer:   Purex provided a free
product in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.*


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