Rimmel London’s Stay Glossy Lip Glosses (#640 All Day Seduction, #340 Captivate Me, #540 Timeless Allure) Review–Photos–Swatches!

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Rimmel London's Stay Glossy Lip Glosses.jpeg

Starting at the bottom by my thumb is #340 Captivate Me, #640 All Day Seduction (middle), and ending with #540 Timeless Allure of Rimmel’s Stay Glossy Lip Glosses.

We are all passionate about certain types of
cosmetics.  I happen to think a woman can never have too many tubes of
lipstick or gloss to pretty up a mouth with tempting juicy color to invite
kisses.  Therefore, I singled out some exciting shades of Rimmel
London’s Stay Glossy Lip Gloss
ideally suited for Valentine’s Day seduction!

Take #340 Captivate Me, a gorgeous and
moisturizing medium pink/mauve that will give even the palest skin enough
beautiful shimmering color to work your charm on him.  This slick gloss wears well,
stays within your lip line, and even
lasted through a cup of coffee and lunch without making it necessary to put more

modeling #Rimmel's #340 gloss.jpeg
In the below photo, I am modeling #340 Captivate Me.

On the other hand, #640 All Day Seduction,
is just that, being a rosy-peach with what looks like some gold beaming
throughout.  This one is so innocently sexy and yet healthy looking to make
your mouth as appealing as a juicy peach dripping with ripe tones of pink and
gold.  Wearing this one, my favorite of the three, could wet his appetite
and cause your lips to be nibbled upon because they will look that

modeling Rimmel's #640 gloss.jpeg
This next photo is #640 All Day Seduction.  What do you think?

Then again, if you feel you want deeper color, I
#540 Timeless Allure, was a sheer red-berry shade that will make him take notice.  Although it looks darker in the tube, it glides on much
lighter and has stunning pigmentation to leave your lips with what he might
consider an excited red flush.

modeling Rimmel's #540 gloss.jpeg
In this last photo, here I am wearing #540 Timeless Allure.

Seriously, I think these Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lip Glosses have a lot
going for them.  They’re comfortable, not overly sticky, last for hours (at
least five), stay put without landing up over your teeth or mouth to spoil your
face like some others I have tried, the pigmentation seems right on, great color
selection, and inexpensive price.  Need I say more?  I say charge to
your drugstore and pick some up so you also can prepare to dazzle him with your
beauty this Valentine’s Day or any day!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest
opinion.  Free products were provided solely to facilitate this review.*


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