SunRype All Natural Fruit Bars Review

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SunRype All Natural Fruit Bars

I love my sweets, but I try to indulge my sweet
tooth only on the weekends with cookies, cake, pie, and ice cream.  
However, I never deny myself fruit and turn to it seven days a week to keep
those sweet cravings in line.  Therefore, I welcomed the opportunity to try
an assortment of all natural fruit bars from SunRype.  

All SunRype’s products are gluten free without any artificial flavors and packed with nutrition.  In addition, they have lots of fiber and are
low in calories.

The company provided samples of their 120 calorie
Fruit Source Bars in Blueberry Pomegranate and Strawberry,
which were soft and delectable with an incredible flavor instead of some dried
hard bar that somehow lacks tasting as fruity after all the processing.  Blueberry
has a slightly tart kick to the sweeter blueberry that you just
want to keep savoring in this delightful combination. 

I also got to test out their Just Fruit &
Grains bars
in Strawberry Mango and Summer Berries
Besides dried fruits, seeds, and grains,  these bars just have fruit
puree and juices as a sweetener for a healthier snack option.  These bars
have about 160 calories each and really were chewy and bursting with

Another variety I tasted was their amazing 45
calorie 100% Fruit Strips in Wildberry and Strawberry.  These were especially fantastic for when you’re hungry for a sweet, but you don’t want
to eat too much with this size portion or adding to your child’s lunch
box.  This is a good size for their small stomachs.

With all sincerity, everything I sampled was
excellent with all the goodness of what nature intended for you to taste. 
I definitely will be ordering more of SunRype because it is just the best
real bars ever to hit these lips.

If you like fruit, I am positive that you would
love their fruit bars so visit their website or facebook page or find where to
buy, but do check their products out.  In fact,  you will receive a free SunRype product after you purchase one if you take advantage of their current promotion.

*Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post on
behalf of She Speaks and SunRype.  Free products were received solely to
facilitate this review.*


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