These Natural Fixes for Puffy Eyes Can Help

These Natural Fixes for Puffy Eyes Can Help
You might be surprised at what you can find in your kitchen and pantry to help remedy the problem of puffy eyes.


Waking up with swollen eyes is a problem for a lot of us.  Allergies, stress, hormone changes, and fluid retention are just some possible causes for this unwanted condition. Although there are many wonderful commercial products that can help, you can also find natural fixes for puffy eyes in your own kitchen that can make a difference between ugly saucer eyes and normal ones.

Cucumbers are handy to have around as one of those natural fixes for puffy eyes.  When you place a slice over each eyelid, this vegetable has the power to constrict blood vessels.  However, there is a drawback.  You need a lot of time to keep changing those slices before reaping the benefit.  Nonetheless, you can take down that swelling with this method.

Another thing you might want to try is tea, preferably green tea.  Wet a fresh tea bag in cold water and then wrap it with a tissue or soft thin cloth before placing over your eyelids.  Tea has tannins, which are known to help reduce swelling with an added tightening effect for improving the look of those fine lines.

Splashing your face with the coldest water you tolerate can help with swollen eyes.  In addition, you might want to wrap a few ice cubes around a wash cloth and hold them against your eyelids as well.

Avocado slices are another one of these natural fixes for puffy eyes  that could be a great rescue for this problem.  This fruit has an abundance of vitamin A, D, and E besides other skin nutrients to work bringing that swelling down.  Prepare to spend at least 20 minutes or so with those slices on to give this method its proper due.

Raw potatoes are also great to turn to when swollen eyes are an issue with their store of B vitamins and nutrients to help with that skin’s inflammation.  You can slice a small potato and apply to your eyelids for about 15-20 minutes for this one.

Then again, there is another trick you can try by making a compress for your eyes with grated raw potato, wrapping its squishy texture around cheesecloth or a thin soft cloth.  You could also grate in some raw cucumber in along with that raw potato as a second option for your compress.

The effectiveness of any of these simple fixes can vary from one individual to another and always is dependant on what caused your swelling problem in the first place.

If your eyes are swelling due to fluid retention, you might find it to your advantage to hide your salt shaker.  Salt holds in water, which can definitely make your eyes puffy.

Overindulging of my favorite beverage, coffee, or anything with too much caffeine can also contribute to fluid retention.  The same rule applies to alcohol.  If either or both of those are your vices, you might want to cut back to deal with that swelling issue.

I also want to mention these methods do involve a little preparation and extra time to see them through.  Yet, these natural fixes for puffy eyes can save you money and that unsightly appearance of saucer eyes once you give them a chance.  Hopefully, you won’t have to use them, but this knowledge is nice to know if this beauty spoiler pays you a visit.


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  1. Heather!
    January 14, 2013 / 9:15 am

    I keep a small spoon in the refrigerator. While I wait for my coffee to be ready I press the cold spoon lightly against my eyes. The cold of the spoon really helps wake me up, as well as reducing the early morning puff!

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