A Scent With Sunny Sensuality! Celine Dion’s Pure Brilliance Eau de Toilette Spray Review

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Celine Dion’s Pure Brillance

Fresh and very feminine, Pure Brilliance
by Celine Dion in conjunction with Coty Beauty, is as polished a
fruity-floral as the emerald-like falcon this jewel of a fragrance comes
in.  Working with Harry Fremont, the perfumer of Firmenich, this scent of
2010, is a sheer blissful melody of tempting fruits, delicate floral, and
haunting warmth that elegantly captivates with its effortless sunny sensuality.

Celine Dion's Pure Brilliance Eau de Toilette Spray.jpeg
Celine Dion’s Pure Brilliance Eau de Toilette Spray

Slightly tart Granny Smith Apple pleasantly
dilutes the sweetness of the pear in the top notes along with a mix of beautiful
freesia and green leaves giving the fragrance supreme brightness.   This
combination fills you with pure joy inhaling
its fruity-floral aroma.

In the heart, more refined beauty is what emerges
in this romantic fragrance once the honeysuckle, lily, muget, and peach stir to
life, showering it with warmth and confidence.  Graceful and charming, this
is being glamorous and sexy without trying.  Think of an attractive and
real woman at her best to describe the allure experienced at this stage.

The base notes of blonde wood and musk reflect its
earthy sensuality that is bewitching without being overpowering.

This is a delight to wear, especially if you love
Celine Dion’s fragrances as much as I do.  I must tell you this one
has more fruit to the floral that her others that I have tried.  Nonetheless, it is 
a glorious expression of sparkling beauty that is perfect to
wear day or night.

Do sample Pure Brilliance and let it
brighten your day! 

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest
opinion.  A free product was provided to facilitate this review.*


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