Brighten Your Smile Even With Sensitive Teeth! Luster Premium White’s Power White7 Toothpaste & Luster NOW! Mouth Rinse Review

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Luster Premium White's Power White7 Toothpaste and Luster NOW! Mouth Rinse.jpeg
Luster Premium White’s Power White7 Toothpaste and Luster NOW! Mouth Rinse

Whitening your teeth doesn’t have to mean those
pasty whitening strips, tedious bleaching kits, or expensive cosmetic dentistry
to bring back those pearly whites. 
Luster Premium White‘s Power
White  Toothpaste
and Luster NOW! Mouth Rinse that I was sent to
review can change the way you think about whitening like it did for me.

As one with sensitive teeth, I need to be careful
on my choices and frequency of using whitening products.  I had those
whitening strips in the past and found them difficult to keep my mouth. 
Whitening toothpastes often were too harsh for my teeth and would
result in pain. However, these whitening products were developed
for someone exactly with my special needs and treated my sensitive teeth with
tender loving care.

Those with a lot of dental issues can feel
confident about Power White7 Toothpaste being safe since it is the first
periodontal toothpaste that has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and holistic
healing properties with its seven whitening ingredients that resulted from the
brainstorming of a medical doctor, dentist and PhD research scientist. 
Yet, it also has flouride to keep cavities away and citranene eubiotics (45
natural essential oils) for healthy gums and to keep your breath fresh.

I wanted to test that toothpaste first for a week
for its own merit before adding the Luster NOW! Mouth Rinse to my
routine.  The soft mint taste of this toothpaste wasn’t  overpowering. 
The first time I brushed, and I saw a bit of improvement, but nothing

Nonetheless, my teeth gradually whitened more each time I brushed.

After that week, I followed that toothpaste with
their mouth rinse in the mornings and evenings.  This is powerful blue
stuff with special Bluverite technology  that I swished in my mouth for
about thirty seconds before spitting and checking my mirror.  I can tell
this that my teeth looked whiter than I had ever expected while my breath felt
even fresher. 

Seriously, I was never that fond of whitening
products for teeth until this experience.  I do recommend picking up of
Luster Premium White
products because they will deliver whiter teeth without
irritation.  Do visit the company’s website to find where to buy. 


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  1. Dental Implant Las Vegas
    February 15, 2013 / 9:37 am

    My favorite thing about this was that it was only applied twice per day, for three days and it's very easy to use. You swish some mouthwash around after brushing, and then use a small brush, almost like a nail polish brush to apply the whitening paste.

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