Discover New Hair Possibilities! ONE Styling Texture Tools Review

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ONE Styling Verge Bubble Wand.jpeg
ONE Styling Verge Bubble Wand

I love playing with my hair and trying to style
it differently.  Though it can be challenging with my forceful hair, I
don’t let any hair obstacle stop me from going from straight to curly with a
stash of products and tools to make it possible.  Therefore, I was thrilled
to test new ones from ONE Styling because these little gems are unlike anything
I have.

ONE Styling understands women need to change our
looks often.  Thus, they came out with three unique tools to turn out three
different textures to keep up with the latest trends.

The Verge Bubble Wand looks confusing with
its waves from what you’re typically accustomed to.  However, this little
texture tool with its ceramic NG technology can help make beach waves on your
hair while it keeps it healthy and manageable.  Like a regular curling
iron, you grab a section across instead of wrapping your hair lengthwise. 
Work this technique around your head and you will have those beautiful imperfect
curls springing up effortlessly.  

ONE Styling Verge Bubble Wand, unpackaged.jpeg
ONE Styling Verge Bubble Wand, unpackaged

I recommend checking out the helpful video ONE
has to
learn some great techniques like the clip, roll, and release or another on how to form romantic Valentine’s Day curls from their stylist and you’ll be on your way.

Then again, you may find the Verge Spiral Wand
more to your liking.  This texture tool also is equipped with  ceramic
NG technology to keep it shiny as well as controlled, but you’ll be able to form sexy, S wave curls.  The
video is fabulous for instructing step-by-step hair magic with this tool.

ONE Styling Verge Spiral Wand.jpeg
ONE Styling Verge Spiral Wand

The Verge Ribbon Wand is something else
you are definitely going to want if style with a textured edge is what you’re
after.  Check out the videos with celebrity stylist, David Lopez, and ONE’s,
Suzi Bond for more inspiration.  Trust me, but you’ll learn some tricks and
ways to update that style with unsurpassed flare.

ONE Styling Verge Ribbon Wand.jpeg
ONE Styling Verge Ribbon Wand

All three models feature:








You can learn more or to buy at ONE Styling
Each model retails for $120.  

I’m having fun with my new tools and still
experimenting for my perfect Valentine’s Day look.  One thing for sure, ONE Styling has the right tools to help your hair do anything from bold edgy to
smoldering sexy–and I love that freedom.  
These tools can help give you a sizzling new look
this Valentine’s Day as well so do look into these products!

Watch out for the upcoming ONE Styling Giveaway to win a Crush Ceramic Ionic Blow Dryer and a Crush Flat Iron ($220)!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest
opinion.  Free products were provided solely to facilitate this review.*


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