Guess Seductive I’m Yours Eau de Toilette Review–Unmistakably Sexy in An Elegant Way!

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Guess Seductive I’m Yours Eau de Toilette

A scent that perfectly captures the essence of a playfully
seductive minx is Guess Seductive I’m Yours.  With all the
sassy confidence and fun-loving spirit of a relentless temptress, this lush oriental
fragrance developed by Pierre Negrin in 2010, is an unexpected combination of
sultry and flirty that is so appealing.

Although there is a gourmand element going on, I would
hardly consider this one as fruity sweet as Guess Seductive Sunkissed that
I previously reviewed.  On the contrary, this is more sophisticated and
bolder in composition due to expert blending of delicate floral,
stirring woods, musk, and succulent fruits that enable it to taunt and still
smolder as its notes develop.

The fragrance opens with notes of Tirare Tahiti Flower,
peony, and passion fruit lending an exotic edge to it that is delicious in the
lively way it greets you.  

Whereas, the heart is about romance with magnolia, while lily, and vanilla orchid warming under
that hot tropical sun, beckoning with a bit of naughtiness.   Dripping
over the floral is an irresistible softened fruity sweetness by the time it
meets the base notes.  

With patchouli flower, haunting woods, creamy musk,
and vetiver, this very feminine scent becomes velvety with  woods and floral
against that delectable, peeled back layer of the fruity ripeness.  

Those that appreciate a soft woody-floral scent with a
yummy tropical twist would find this fragrance to their liking. 
Furthermore, I think this beautiful blend is timeless and suitable for women of all
ages for how it develops with its many sides.

Personally, I happen to love Guess Seductive I’m Yours.  If what I described sounds like your type of fragrance, I
highly recommend trying it because it is, indeed, lovely.


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