A Scent to Seduce! Soap & Paper Factory’s Neroli Perfume Spray Review

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Soap & Paper Factory's Neroli Perfume Spray.jpeg
Soap & Paper Factory’s Neroli Perfume Spray

The Soap & Paper Factory is an endless
bounty of beautiful perfumes, lotions, creams, candles, home fragrance sprays,
rooms diffusers, and scented soaps that are free of
parabens, or phthalates.  Naturally, this is a dream world to any fragrance lover. 
Regardless of that glorious scented form, any true perfumista such as yours
truly would delight in anything this wonderful New York company produces
starting with the Neroli  Eau de Parfum Spray  I received for this

Though you may assume this fragrance would have
lighter citrus freshness, I found Soap & Paper Factory’s Neroli
was more a headier, sensual blend. 
was hardly any timid perfume, but a lovely, confident one seeping in mystery and

As powerfully alluring as this perfume is, I
think it would be best suited for evenings than wearing to the office.  Of
course, this is my suggestion unless you intend to spark up romance with
co-workers.  Nonetheless, the scent is enticing wherever you choose to wear

If light freshness like the breeze coming off the ocean
with floral and green is more your preference, I suggest their Marine Eau de
Parfum Spray
.  Once you read my review and then visit
Soap & Paper Factory , you are in for a real treat so do explore
their site and pick up a bottle of both.  They also carry perfumes in solid
form as well that I can’t wait to try next.


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