Your Complexion Will Bloom With This Cleanser! Melvita’s Fresh Cleansing Milk Review

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Melvita’s Fresh Cleansing Milk

What a way to remove makeup and impurities than with a
creamy emulsion blooming with the sweet nectar of roses as it gently cleanses
with the purity of 99% organic ingredients!  Melvita’s Fresh
Cleansing Milk,
my latest find from the French beauty brand, is just what my
dry skin craved–and, perhaps,
yours too.  

Anyone with sensitive or dry skin like mine knows how
extra careful you need to be not to strip excess moisture, especially now during
the winter months.  One of the kindest cleansers when your skin is under
this type of stress is to use a cream cleanser like this one.  

Although the formula is thick and rich, this
milky cleanser spreads easily enough while it pampers your complexion with that
exquisite trail of roses as you tissue it off.  I found the formula
effectively handled my cosmetics even eye liner and shadows without causing my
eyes any irritation.  The only problem that I had was when it came to my
waterproof mascara that was a bit more challenging to take off.  However, I
just took more time and tissues and it budged.

When I finished cleansing, there was a slight
silky sheen, but I sprayed rose floral water on my face and that fine veil of
product melded into my skin replacing it with fragrant dewiness.  Due to
the rose seed milk,  wild rose petal extract, and the rose floral water, my
sensitive skin felt more supple and hydrated from what it left behind. 
This was the perfect base for the next step of a moisturizer.

Another strong point of this product is in the
forethought of manufacturing this cleanser with a pump, which is more hygienic
than direct contact to risk contamination.

I definitely am going to try more of Melvita’s
rose products, probably starting next with their rose body cream!

The 6.7 oz. bottle of Fresh Cleansing Milk
retails for $22.  If you’re suffering from dry or sensitive skin, you
should look into this.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest
opinion.  A free product was provided to facilitate this review.*


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