An Elegant and Stylish Way to Scent Yourself! Review of Tuscan Fig Scented Necklace by Lisa Hoffman Beauty

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Lisa Hoffman Beauty Tuscan Fig Scented Necklace.jpeg
Lisa Hoffman Beauty Tuscan Fig Scented Necklace

Isn’t great when you can indulge in a gorgeous scent while
adding a finishing touch to your wardrobe?  I’m talking about the line of
scented jewelry from
Lisa Hoffman Beauty.  The piece sent to me for
this review was a beautiful necklace that I immediately fell in love with.

The design of this 22-inch rose gold-plated necklace was
simple, but elegant.  Suspended from the intricately carved filigreed charm
rests a fragrance bead to magnificently set the piece off as it gracefully
releases it captivating scent.  

Mine happened to be glorious Tuscan Fig with
a sweet floral gourmand influence from honeysuckle, fig, vanilla bean, and
coconut wood.  Read my earlier review to appreciate how truly enticing this
fragrance it.

The fragrance bead is eco-friendly and made  in such a fashion to disperse and maintain the maximum amount of its scent.  Thus,
you can layer, build on your fragrance, or wear it alone in jewelry form.

My necklace came with a separate small jar of fragrance
beads as well.  Each bead is advertised to last a week or to change it as
needed.  I had mine now for nearly two weeks and the scent never faded in
the least yet. 

However, when it does start to lose its magic and the bead
needs changing, the task is easy.  You open the bale and slide the charm
off.  Near the top closure, you pry it open with your fingers or the little
card it comes with to get access, then simply put in a new bead.  Snap the
bale, reattach, and you’re back in beautiful operation.

Expect to pay $65 for the necklace.  It does come
with a small jar of fragrance balls, which can keep you smelling incredible for
quite some time.  You do get quite a lot of beads in there but when you run
out you can pick up another jar of refill beads for $20 in that scent or another
for a change.

If you prefer the scent of Madagascar Orchid, you
need to order the brushed gold-plated necklace.  Japanese Agarwood
is the antique bronze-plated one, Tunisian Neroli is gold-plated, 
whereas French Clary Sage is the oxidized silver toned necklace. 
Having reviewed each of these scents, I honestly think it is hard to narrow a
choice because they all are so heavenly, but in different ways.

I am so thrilled with my Tuscan Fig necklace because it is an ideal
strength and another exciting way to wear my fragrance! 
I would love to try the
larger opened cuff bracelet and see how that one worked.  Trust me, I would
use a lot of hand motions to circulate my fragrance companion as I worked a

Do invest in one from Lisa Hoffman Beauty or hint around when gift giving time
arrives because it is fabulous!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest
opinion.  A free product was provided to facilitate this review.*


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