Can You Count on Plumping Lip Glosses to Really Work?

Perfect lips get harder to keep with every year you
age.  The sad truth is lips thin more the older we get due to
collagen loss.   Though you might be tempted to plump them back up
with injections, this can be a costly process with unpredictable results,
depending on the filler used.  However, you do have another option of doing
the same thing with a plumping lip gloss, if you know what to look for.

Read the label carefully for Chili pepper, camphor and
menthol.  These ingredients can trigger some mild inflammation to cause
lips to swell.  Another important ingredient  to look for in a great
plumping lip gloss is hyaluronic acid because it draws water to help the effect.

Plumping lip glosses can give you the same full, sexy lips
only for a few hours at a time–and lots cheaper than any cosmetic


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