I’m Passionate About Melvita’s Fresh Moisturizing Body Milk for Petal-Soft Skin (Review)

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Melvita’s Fresh Moisturizing Body Milk

Anyone with dry skin knows what a struggle it can be to
keep it soft.  However, I have been discovering some excellent organic skin
care products to solve this perpetual problem thanks to French beauty brand,
like the ones I sampled from their
Apicosma and Rose lines. 
Therefore, it would be a crime if I didn’t try more to share with you. 
With that said, let me introduce you to my latest find,
Fresh Moisturizing
Body Milk, 
another from their Rose line, than I am wholeheartedly
passionate about. 

Though it is labeled a body milk, I consider it a
luxurious organic body cream with its aroma of rose while hydrating your dry
skin exceptionally well.  As you slather on this sweet essence of rose with
its rich, thick consistency, your skin drinks in that beneficial formula of rose
floral water, rose seed milk, and wild rose petals without any greasiness, only
a feel of petal softness.

Melvita’s Fresh Moisturizing Body Milk is
not advertised as a hand cream.  Yet, I tell you this is a supreme hand
cream.  Suffering hands that had been red and rough seem to thrive and
bloom with beautiful smoothness again in no time.  You might think because
this is labeled a body milk it would lack that lasting barrier to make this
healing possible without constant reapplications, however, this is not what I
have found.

If you want a top notch hand cream, I have two
close to my heart with their Apicosma Hand Cream and now Melvita’s Fresh Moisturizing Body Milk.  Both require a
small amount to do their wonders.  I highly recommend them because they are
true skin miracle workers for coming to the rescue of dry skin.


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