What a Luxurious Way to Unwind With Lavender


What a Luxurious Way to Unwind With Lavender
 L’Occitane Lavender Body and Massage Gel


I uncovered an exquisite treasure when I received L’Occitane Lavender Body and Massage Gel to review.  From the moment you open this gel-cream, you begin to relax as you breathe in those soothing fresh, clean vapors of pure lavender essential oil.

*Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

This product was grown in a  government-sanctioned area of Haute-Provence, France, where floral beauty reigns.  If only I could walk through those fragrant fields, I would feel on top of the world, taking in all that invigorating sweetness.  What a rush that would be to be surrounded by what comes in this jar in endless, overwhelming abundance!

Of course, I was tempted just to keep inhaling that potent lavender fragrance after my shower, but I started rubbing some on my neck and tired shoulders.  This was so cooling as I applied it while it also softened my skin with that calming lavender scent, only not quite as strongly as when I first opened it.

The experience was delightful as I worked small amounts over my arms and chest  next.  By the time I finished closing the jar, I felt less stressed from the benefit of this aromatherapy.  In fact, the deeper I took that scent in, the less tense and comfortable I was.

L’Occitane’s Lavender Body and Massage Gel is pampering aromatherapy that nourishes your skin in the process.  This product goes beyond just luxurious skin care for the
way it works on your emotional state in the process.

My nights these days belong to L’Occitane.  I now have a new bedtime ritual using this one product  since it gently cares for my skin and does so much more than I had expected.  It enables me to sleep better due to that aromatherapeutic aid of that beautiful lavender scent.

Stress is a problem in all of our lives.  I give this product a great recommendation because L’Occitane has something wonderful to help restore your sense of well-being with Lavender Body and Massage Gel. 

However, I’m sure you would feel the same once you sampled this new aromatic treasure of mine, too.  You, too, would also want more of that sweet aroma and to find your way to those lavender fields as well.

For now, we have L’Occitane to get us through that need for more lavender from Haute-Provence. The 6.7 oz. jar of Lavender Body and Massage Gel retails for $35 and is something you should experience firsthand!


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