A Scented Declaration of Love–Unbreakable Joy Eau de Toilette by Khloe and Lamar Review

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Unbreakable Joy Eau de Toilette advertisement.jpeg
Unbreakable Joy

Bubbling with excitement and that hot tension of desire,
you can feel the love between then still married celebrity couple, Khloe
Kardashian and Lamar Odom, which comes through their second unisex fragrance,
.  This haunting oriental vanilla scent launched for the winter 2012
holiday season.

This fragrance is as much of a celebration as it is a
declaration of love.  Effervescent top notes of champagne provide sparkling
freshness and that happy electricity shared between the couple.  

The heart is romantic and playful.  Jasmine and
geranium at this stage served with tempting chocolate and vanilla, deliciously turning the
scent warm besides creamy with an intimate coziness with fresh spices for
teasing fun. 

Unbreakable Joy fragrance.jpeg
Unbreakable Joy

Cedar and sensual musk in the base fire up that
heat.  What is burning with hot passion nearly becomes combustible with
desire.  There is no holding back once those seductive flames rage out of
control.  With those notes, you definitely feel that heat and loose
yourself willingly to that luring fire.

I liked how the warmth and creaminess Unbreakable Joy lingered
to hold its own.    In my opinion,  I really thought it was
an excellent effort on the couple’s part of how they incorporated their feelings
for one another in this fragrance. 

In comparison, Unbreakable Bond,
is somewhat a fresher, clean sweet scent to its warm notes while their third fragrance, Unbreakable Love, has a dewier freshness to it. Truth is told, all three of those scents are gorgeous in their own respective right and I love to
interchange them depending on my mood.  

You just need to choose whether you prefer your fragrance
with more warmth or a lighter freshness to the scent.  However, I do highly
recommend any of the Unbreakable line because each brings something
different to the table to exert that stunning hold over you.


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