An Amazing Find! Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polishes Review

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four Salon Manicure Nail polishes.jpeg
From left to right in the above photo is:  Plums the Word, Commander in Chic, So Much Fawn, and ending with Raisin the Bar on the right.

Along with bright shades, especially perky greens and soft
pastel colors or whites, muted grayish tones are also very big for nails this
spring.  Some excellent  choices that fit the bill perfectly came from

Sally Hansen’s
Complete Salon Manicure line that arrived for this review.

Commander in Chic is a striking gray set off with a
bit of plum.  This is a great neutral you can easily wear to the office.

Plums the Word is a darker gray with a deeper
infusion of the plum.

Raisin the Bar is a pink and gray plum shade.

So Much Fawn is more a low-keyed pink brown color.

I really liked the big flat brush this polish had because
it definitely made the painting easier.  As I used it, I noticed how that
brush grabbed just enough of the polish for coating and was easier to maneuver,
especially to keep within the lines instead of any mess to the cuticles.

The first time I didn’t apply a base
coat.  The colors do turn out more transparent with one coat.   I
didn’t experience any streaking.  Two coats darken the colors considerably
like most other polishes that I had worn with a resulting glossy finish even without
a top coat.  

Furthermore, the Complete Salon Manicure Nail
completely shocked me with the length of time this stuff lasted on my
fingernails without chipping.  Most of the time, I would get a day or a few
hours before I ruined my paint job.  Yet, this polish stayed in tact for
about ten days before it chipped, which was incredible considering all the
cooking and baking I do.

Another thing I want to mention is how quickly this polish
dries.  Waiting in between for coats to dry always is a pet peeve of
mine.  After all, polish fumes are strong and can irritate those more
sensitive individuals like myself with allergies, but this variety was excellent in that regard as well.

I must admit Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure Nail
was wonderful and delivered a beautiful paint job just like I
came out a salon with far superior lasting power than imaginable.  

I definitely recommend checking this award-winning Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish line out because it wouldn’t disappoint you!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest
opinion.  Free products were provided solely to facilitate this review.*


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  1. Mary Qin
    April 16, 2013 / 9:45 am

    Oh my gosh, I had the same experience with their Insta-Dry line! I'd never seen a wide brush like that and it was awesome, plus the rounded tip made it so easy to paint my nails. I mess mine up before they even dry but that wasn't a problem at all here. Amazing!I have another BOGO offer for them that I plan on using too. :)

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