Costly Hair Mistakes That Age


Costly Hair Mistakes That Age Gray Hair Pixabay image
Graying hair is one clue that can give your age away.


Despite taking care of yourself and being particular about your appearance, you could be failing in one department when it comes to hiding your age from the world.  Your hair could be speaking volumes more than you imagined.  These are just some costly hair mistakes that age.

Excessively Long Hair Drags a Face Down Is One of the Hair Mistakes That Age


Some assume that the older you get, the shorter you need to wear your hair.  However, this is not necessarily the case.  The important thing to remember is the condition and how plentiful it is when making this decision on a hairstyle.

As long as you have a healthy head of hair, you can keep it without worrying that it will be dragging your face down unless it is excessively long.

A Very Short Style With Blunt Lines Also Calls Attention to an Aging Face


If you decide to go with a very short cut, you want a bit of a ragged edge instead of blunt lines.  Shaggy wisps of hair to frame your face will soften a look better than a straight edge.  A perfect frame
will draw more attention to those lines and wrinkles.

Dry, Dull or Graying Hair Are Other Hair Mistakes That Age


Drier and less shiny hair also comes with age.  Weekly deep conditioning treatments at home and discovering the array of shine products like pomades and serums can revitalize and keep it lovely compared to drab and brittle.

Unruly, gray hairs age us as well and you might want to consider coloring your hair.  Nonetheless, you need to be careful about the choice of hair color at this stage in your life.  Keeping your hair too dark can cast shadows on those facial flaws, especially on skin that has a tendency to lighten more the older you get.

The Choice of Hair Color Can Either Make You Look Younger or Older 

On the same note, too light of a hair color can wash your complexion out unless you brighten your face with more makeup.  A wiser option if you intend to go too light is adding some contrast with slightly darker lowlights woven in the hair.  By doing do, your face gains a healthier glow.

Overall, your best plan of action is going from two to three shades lighter than your original hair color.  You could go to a salon and seek a professional opinion on the proper  color before having your hair done.  Then again, you could just go to the drug store and pick out a box.

Gazing at all the hair color boxes, you still are confused when you study the picture of the model showing the color of the product. Do not assume your hair will turn out the same exact color as the model.  A hair color product will be absorbed differently depending of your original color and texture.

Look for colors that have warm tones to help brighten your face.  These shades of hair color have reds and golds that boxes labeled cool do not.  Cool or ash tones won’t bring those varying
lighter shades that could help perk your face up.

When it comes to your hair with these few anti-aging hair care tricks, you can keep the secret of your age longer!



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