Glow Like You Were Meant to! Rimmel London’s Natural Bronzers & Sun Shimmer Shimmering Maxi Bronzer Review + Swatches

 Rimmel London Bronzers
Going clockwise from the top where my thumb is:  #022 Sun Bronze, #021 Sun Light, and #025 Sun Glow.

Bronzers can be a tricky product to pick out when you go shopping.  I have my mistakenly returned home with overly brown or orange shades that look great in store lightning but later change into what looks more like muddy streaks or a garish deep orange when applied.  Then again, you think a gleam would be becoming until you dust what looks more like chunks of glitter that landed randomly across your nose and forehead when it was meant for your cheeks.  I could keep rattling on, but you know what I am talking about.  However, I may take some of the guesswork out of it for you. Let me begin with the three Rimmel London Natural Bronzers that I received to review.

These are light mineral bronzers that go on skin smoothly, easy to build upon, have a wonderful texture to the powder, and give a natural-looking type of glow.

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The palest among these Rimmel London bronzers is #021 Sun Light.  This leaves  a beautiful golden-brown matte glow that would best suit the fairest of complexions perfectly.   On my light beige skin, this shade could have been slightly darker but it was still wearable after building it up.

Next in the group is #022 Sun Bronze, which was a richer brown of a color for my complexion.  This one comes up a healthy dose of time in the sun from the slight sheen that surfaces.  I think
anyone with light to medium skin would be happy with the look you can get with this choice.

The last Natural Bronzer is #025 Sun Glow. This gave me a soft, burnished peach glow that had a matte finish.  Of the three compacts, this one had the most red and peach along with brown to set it off.   I also considered this one the darkest.

The only fault about these bronzers is that the plastic compact could have been sturdier.  They also lack a brush or sponge.  Then again, those companies that still do include a tool usually provides one that you can’t rely on anyway.

Also, there is SPF 8 protection, but I would have appreciated more.  Nonetheless, you can solve the sun protection problem easily enough by adding a stronger SPF product or cosmetic first.

In regard to lasting power, my application held up for about four hours.  However, I think depending on the heat and humidity or if you’re an oily complexion, this might change and require touch ups.  Regardless, these Rimmel London Natural Bronzers  do a great job of warming your complexion with a touch of summer.

The last thing I was sent was their huge stronger plastic compact of Sun Shimmer Shimmering Maxi Bronzer in #002 Sun Love.  The shade had more of brownish cast to it like a sandy orange with just a trace of gold.  Upon application, you see more of an instant tan with just a trace of gleam for a soft glow.  One quick swipe is enough to do my face for a beautiful kiss of sun, but you will need your own brush.

Rimmel London bronzers Shimmering Maxi Bronzer
Rimmel’s Shimmering Maxi Bronzer in #002 Sun Love


Swatches of Rimmel London bronzers
Starting nearest my wrist and working down my arm is #022 Sun Bronze, #025 Sun Glow, #021 Sun Light and ending with #002 Sun Love.

For a realistic summer glow at a very affordable price, any of the four of these Rimmel London bronzers is what you want. Just remember to apply bronzers in a well-lit area and any of these colors from the two varieties will make you happy that you picked them up!


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