How to Easily Find the Most Flattering Fit of Jeans!

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The right style of jeans can enhance or distract from your figure.

I love shopping for jeans, but it can be time consuming
and not to mention frustrating when you fail to find anything to your
liking.  However, you can find an easier way to a flattering fit if
you keep a few things in mind for your problem areas. 

Those that have a tummy bulge probably should consider jeans with a wider waistband with either a classic or high rise.  This type
of cut would best hide that trouble spot.

On the other hand, if you carry more stuff in your trunk look for jeans without any
stitching on the back pockets and a rise that is higher in the back than the
front to divert eyes from your rear.  

Then again, if you have a small, flat backside that you
want to call attention to, you need to hunt for jeans with lots of detail work
on the back pockets.  

Wide hips have more success if you go with boot cut
jeans.  They seem to balance that type of figure better on the

Look at where the pockets are positioned.  If those pockets
are too far apart, this will draw eyes to your hips more than pockets that are
somewhat closer together. 

Make sure when you’re in the dressing room and are
checking the fit that there are no creases across the front crotch and the back
pockets should compliment your shape.

Hopefully, these few tips will help improve your next jeans shopping experience and make you feel beautiful as well as comfortable!


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