How Well Are You Really Removing Your Makeup?

When it comes to taking off makeup, we want the fastest
way possible to get it off.  This usually means using a cleanser that rinses off everything from your face with water in one step.  However, if you wear lots
of heavy foundations or waterproof formulated eye cosmetics, you may not be
getting as completely free of those products as you think.  

According to my dermatologist, the best insurance in caring for your skin and properly removing
cosmetics is by using an oil-based remover.  The next step is following up
with a gentle soap or a face wash and water.

Though it sounds simple enough, you still could be washing
the wrong way with too hot or too cold water.  What you need is making sure
the temperature is lukewarm before subjecting your vulnerable pores to that
water and soap or the facial wash.

Work the foaming soap or cleanser into your skin for at least a
minute before rinsing thoroughly with more lukewarm water.  Close your
clean pores with cool–not icy cold water.  Too frigid water can break capillaries in some people.

Sometimes, we grab a towel and rub  to dry our
face.  This is a bad habit that could help prematurely age our faces. 
Instead, remember to pat dry and your face will reward you later in life.

Exfoliation is crucial if you want to keep your complexion
as clean as possible.  Make it a priority to give yourself a weekly
treatment with a gentle scrub or other exfoliating product to rid dead skin and
any last remaining debris clinging to your pores.

Hopefully, these little changes to your routine can make a
big difference in giving you a beautiful new glow!


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