Newman’s Own Organics Adds New Cookies Varieties to Spoil You! (Review)

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Newman's Own Organics Cookie assortment.jpeg
Newman’s Own Organics cookies

Although I love to bake, I will admit there are times when
homemade is not an option.   On those occasions when you are in need
of a cookie fix, I prefer organic baked treats like the delicious variety from
Own Organics
which have been known to appear in my shopping
cart from time to time.  

My particular favorite is Fig Newman’s Low Fat or
the Regular variety.  These are always so soft and yet fruity.

Then again, Newman-O’s creme filled are also very
good that I received for this review when it comes to sandwich cookies.  I
sampled the  vanilla creme filled chocolate, the peanut-butter creme filled
chocolate ones, the newest addition to this line with the vanilla creme filled
vanilla cookies, and creme filled, wheat-free, dairy-free chocolate

What I loved about these Newman-O’s are the better
organic ingredients, less sugar in the formula than their non-organic
alternative, and more intense chocolate or vanilla flavor in the wafer cookie
itself.  The fillings are creamy and luscious, perhaps, just slightly
thinner than the non-organic variety.  Nonetheless, they are scrumptious
together when teamed up with a cup of coffee.

The Family Cookie Recipe Double Chocolate Chip
cookies are jammed-packed with rich chocolate.  This is especially handy
when you’re tempted to grab a chocolate bar with the amount of semi-sweet pieces
in each cookie.

I also received the new cookie addition to their Family
Cookies with the Spelt Ginger Snaps.   I loved how
heightened the spicy ginger flavor in this cookie taste in this crunchy, but not
overly sweet treat.

Of course, organic cookies have calories, fats, and sugar
just like the other non-organic brands.  However, they do instill more
trust with what goes into their baked goods by way of ingredients, how they are
grown, and limiting sweetness without denying a consumer a fabulous tasting

If you haven’t tried any cookie from Newman’s Own Organics, I think you should give this company a shot.  


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