Shake Excitement Into Your Hair! “Rock Your Hair” Hair Care System by Michael Rourke (Review)

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 “Rock Your Hair” Hair Care System

When a representative from Rock Your Hair by
celebrity stylist, Michael
Rourke reached out and asked if I would be willing to try their hair care
system, I was not familiar with this company or their products.  However, I
thought I would give it a shot because there always might be something better
out there that out performed my current stash.  

Today, I want to tell especially those ladies with fine
hair or lots of layers that I just may have discovered the ultimate help you’re looking
for because this system of “Rock Your Hair” products went
beyond my expectations with what it can do!

The Big Hair Rocks Shampoo was what I started
with.  This has a pleasing mild scent while being color-safe and free of
sulfates as well as parabens to work gently.   The product produced a
wonderful lather that kept me company with delicious smelling bubbles as I

Once I rinsed, I followed with the color-safe, sulfate and
paraben free Big Hair Rocks Conditioner.  This is a lightweight
moisturizing conditioner with a thinner creamy consistency than what I am
accustomed to.  Nonetheless, it did what I needed to help untangle

If you regularly read my posts, you know how dry my hair
can get.  Therefore, I was glad the company provided a deeper conditioner
in the form of their Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Weightless Detangler. 
This is a nourishing spray with
soy, wheat and oat
proteins to strengthen and repair hair from shaft to ends.  After I
towel-dried, I found this stuff took care of any remaining knots.

Several volumizing styling products were sent out. 
Since two of them specifically built up hair, I used each on separate
days.  The first time I went with the Size Matters Big Volume Root
This is a humidity protecting and volumizing mousse that I
worked a small amount into my layers and ends. 

As I mentioned, I do have lots of thick, layered hair with
a natural wave to it.  Even so, I regularly use volumizing products more often than curling styling products.   Anyone
with layers or if you have a curl to your hair need to try this type of styling
product for the wonderful difference they can make.

What awaited me when I finished with blow-drying my hair
was tons more fat, shiny curls without any crunchy feel or horrible
stickiness.  My curls, which I used my diffuser on had great bounce and
body.  To preserve that glorious look I turned to

Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray to finish it off.

I didn’t have to wait long for this spray to dry.  It
locked my style in place for hours only with a firm, not flexible hold. 
You might compare this hair spray more to a freeze spray with the power of hold
it possesses.  Unlike the choking smell of some hair sprays, this one had more of a pleasant fragrance to it.

I went with the last volumizing styling product:  Bombshell
Big Hair Powde
r the next day I played with my hair.  You need to
sprinkle this powder sparingly or your hair will feel greasy, which I soon
learned when I applied too much.  Though I was disappointed with myself for
being overzealous, I attempted my experiment again the following day.  

time I was careful.  What came next was incredible from how a light dusting
of this talc and mica-based powder lifted the layers like magic.  I was especially
impressed on  how it worked on my long, layered bangs to change the style around. This rocks for building up the top.

The prices of these girly hot pink bottles with shiny
rhinestone hearts are reasonable.  Expect to pay anywhere from $7.20 to
around $22 or less for any of this system’s products.  Just know Rock Your Hair does shake things up when it comes to giving big, gorgeous
hair–so do take a look and rock on! 


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