Chelating Agents: The Secret to Save Hair and Skin From Dullness

Why Chelating Agents Matter in Hair and Skin Care Products


Are you doing everything possible to keep your hair and skin from dulling?  If so, think again because you could be shortchanging yourself. The secret that you may be skipping to save your hair and skin from dullness is occasionally using chelating agents in hair and skin care products to remove mineral deposits of what your tap water may leave behind.

Hard water can leave heavy metals like lead and mercury as well as nonmetals like chlorine building up over time, not to mention all the styling products you use daily.  What results to hair can be drabness, dryness, unruliness, and discoloration if nothing is done to address the issue along with attaching to skin and keeping your products from working as they should.

Chelating agents in hair and skin care products are able to bind to those deposit molecules and break them down better.  Using such a stripping shampoo at least once or twice a month can help bring back more luster and manageability to hair if your water is the cause.

Consequently, these heavy duty hair products can also take out hair color and chemical treatments  so check with you stylist first for a recommendation to safe chelating agents for your needs.

Therefore, if you are wondering why is it that your hair and skin have not been looking as beautiful lately despite all the expensive brands you keep changing, consider what your water may be doing to you.  A home kit to test your water for the amount of those heavy metals is also something to think about.


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