Thinning Hair Solutions That Work to Fake More Hair

Thinning Hair Solutions That Work Woman With Thin Hair Pixabay Image
These thinning hair solutions can help turn a bad hair situation around.


If you have been finding more hairs in your brush and elsewhere, you might start feeling anxious that you’re losing your hair.  However, hair fibers do get thinner with age.  In fact, if you are over age forty and a woman, shedding more hair is normal.  Nonetheless, there are some thinning hair solutions that work for this problem so cheer up.

First off, consider picking up a thickening shampoo and conditioner.  Read labels for ingredients like panthenol (vitamin B6) and oat protein, which can thicken the strands. Equally important is using a hair conditioner even if it usually causes your hair to go limp because one will save further friction to those already damaged strands.

Something else you may want to try in this situation is to apply your conditioner before your shampoo.  Switching in this way can leave hair less greasy and reduce the chance of going limp.

You also need to be careful when it comes to drying your hair.  Heat, overstyling and tight ponytails will tug and weaken the hair follicles.  The best thing to do is air-dry or set your hair dryer to a
low setting and prep with a heat-protective product or styler.  A less constrictive way to pull your hair back is also a thought.

Washing your vulnerable hair too often can result in losing more strands.  You may want to turn to a dry shampoo in between.  Adding some dry shampoo to your roots can help boost the volume
and give hair texture.

Another one of these thinning hair solutions is coloring your hair.  Hair coloring can definitely help give you the look of more hair.  Since hair color roughs up the hair cuticle, it can thicken it up as well.

Changing your style is another suggestion.  Your stylist can show you what layering, deep bangs, or even a different part can do to distract the eyes.  Page through magazines for a hairdo that has
more disarray to it instead of anything with perfect lines.  A shaggy type of style with layers can be fattened up much easier to hide a thin hair problem.

Another thing to consider is your general health or the drugs you are taking.  For example, steroids are just one family of drugs that can cause hair loss.  Research your prescriptions to learn if losing hair is a side effect.  If so, you might want to ask your doctor if there is any drug substitute.

Then again, perhaps, you have been ill.  For one, a bacterial infection does cause hair loss.  If you are not getting better, you should make an appointment with your doctor because what’s going on
internally could be the key.

Eating on the run because you are too busy or skipping meals is another culprit.  You could have a vitamin deficiency that is causing that hair loss.  However, only doctor and a hair analysis can
pinpoint what your hair reveals and your body is lacking.

Be extremely cautious with your choice of vitamins because this is not an industry that is as regulated as it should be.   Look for quality seals or some sort of acceptable industry testing as a sign because just because something is sold nationwide does not mean it is safe or even labeled as it should be.

Sometimes though, the problem can be fixed simply once you eat normally again with a balanced diet.

All of these thinning hair solutions that I mentioned could help with a thinning hair problem.  On the other hand, if you are shedding that hair at an alarming rate, you definitely need to visit your doctor and get evaluated.


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